VPN-X is a user-friendly,  easy to use product to build your own VPN solution. 

Key Features


You don't have to be an expert of the network in VPN field. 


VPN-X supports P2P connection and compression feature, save your server/client network traffic.


VPN-X supports AES 256, L2TP/IPsec, SSL/TLS. The most important thing is that your VPN network is not depend on third-party/external servers, you can control everything.


VPN-X can support Windows, macOS, Linux. You can use iPhone/iPad and Android phone built-in VPN client(L2TP) to connect VPN-X server.


We provide reliable product and service for customer. Your problem is our problem. We do our best to support your testing and deployment.


VPN-X has VPN essential features, you need not waste money to buy a product which you just use 10% features of the expensive product.

Easy to use and customize

VPN-X has been designed for all kinds of users from novice to expert.
Our team is ready for your customization or system integration or OEM.