Why choose VPN-X?

  2018-12-30 08:54:14   admin  0   69

  • Simple: You don't have to be an expert of the network in VPN field.
  • Cheap: VPN-X has VPN essential features, you need not waste money to buy a product which you just use 10% features of the expensive product.
  • Efficient: VPN-X supports P2P and compression feature, save your server/client network traffic.
  • Secure: VPN-X supports AES 128/256, L2TP over IPsec, SSL/TLS, the most important thing is that your VPN network need not depend on third-party/external servers, you can control everything.
  • Cross-platform: VPN-X is a software VPN solution which written in Java. VPN-X can support Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD/PC-BSD, Solaris(X86). VPN-X has the same and friendly GUI on all supported OS (Operation Systems). In our download section, you can download the software for all the supported os.
  • Mobile: supports iPhone, iPad, Android built-in client.